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HoverCam is a leader in technology for use in training and education. They develop products capable of changing the market, such as the Podium Digital Pilot or the best document cameras ever created for training, both in classrooms and remotely.

The all-in-one tool for today's teacher.

HoverCam gives trainers everything they may need in the classroom. Your equipment can record hundreds of hours of video in a single up to 4K resolution. Capture slow motion video, which is perfect for experiments. Shoot photos at 13MP, to show all the details. Equipped with cameras with zoom up to 480x magnificationallow its use as a digital microscopeEquipped with noise-reduction microphone, for a high quality of sound. excellent audio.

Thanks to the powerful softwareHoverCam products, which include features such as annotation, picture-in-picture and lesson recording, stand out from other HoverCam products. learning solutions.

Distance Learning



Meeting Rooms

Document Camera for Training

4K video camera, 13 MP, USB 3.0, Zoom up to 480x and complete training software.

The HoverCam Solo 8Plus is simply the best document camera ever created for both classroom and remote training. With Solo 8Plus, the smallest details in your images come to life.

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With HoverCam, the possibilities for distance learning are endless.

More than just a camera: Document scanner, Video camera for conferences, Microscope, Recording experiments and lessons... All in a single unit that doesn't even need a power supply.

13 MB camera

4K video at 30PFS


Document Scanner

Zoom x480 Magnification


Screen Annotations

Simple Videoconferencing

HoverCam Flex 11

Education Software like no other

The best document camera software for your PC. Control your camera, annotate over the live image, activate picture-in-picture, record lessons, use the integrated whiteboard and much more.

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Software designed with the teacher and ease of use in mind.

Share annotations directly on the screen, show the teacher's face and what the camera is capturing, record lessons and upload them to the cloud... the possibilities are endless.

Engage Students

With features like annotation, picture-in-picture and lesson recording, Flex 11 takes your HoverCam to a whole new level.


Embedded Whiteboard Application

With the Flex 11's built-in whiteboard app, teachers can bring images directly from their Solo 8Plus to the whiteboard. Annotate, create text and create lesson plans, and much more with Flex 11.


Compatible with Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom conferencing for distance learning.

Easy-to-use power

Flex 11 allows you to display an image on top of another image to show two images at once, record lessons, create text, annotate, draw and much more.

HoverCam Product Ranges

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