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Wireless Collaboration

Modena wireless presentation systems let you stop wasting time and start collaborating. Access to audiovisual equipment of a space and share content with colleagues in the room or remotely has never been easier.

Wireless collaboration for any space.

Modena Hub, Modena Hub+ y Modena Server are Powerful Wireless Collaboration Systems that allow computers and mobile devices to connect to room peripheralsincluding screens, speakers, microphones and cameras. without any physical connection.

Once connected, users can display content, launch applications and participate in video conferencing meetings from their own personal device.

Make it effortless for attendees to share

Modena is a Powerful Wireless Collaboration System that allow computers and mobile devices to connect to peripherals in the room, including displays, speakers, microphones, and cameras without any physical connection. Once connected, users can display content, launch applications, and participate in video conferencing meetings. from your own device personal.

Easily Share Your Content with Everyone in the Room

Turn Anywhere into a Meeting Room

Perfect for Large Teaching Spaces

Supports Most UC Software and Hardware Devices

Modena is the only system that provides truly wireless interaction with the AV equipment in a room.

With Modena, every laptop, tablet, or mobile device can share screens with a display and receive contentallowing for more comfortable meetings. By eliminating impediments such as HDMI cables, adapters, and dongles, Modena get the best out of BYOD.

Modena Hub is compatible with most unified communications hardware and software devicesThe Modena also connects to AV peripherals through AV peripherals, and allows the user to share content wirelessly with other meeting participants. Modena also connects to AV peripherals through USB and HDMIand can support multiple USB devices via a standard USB hub, or by connecting a USB hub to a USB device. Devio SCR-20 or SCR-25.

Modena Products

What is a Wireless Presentation System?

A wireless presentation system allows content to be shared from a laptop, tablet or mobile device to a screen or projector, without the need for cables. Modena allows sharing from one device to many others in the same session, both in and out of the room. Modena is a scalable, flexible and secure platform that combines ease of use with a wealth of features that allow groups of almost any size, in any space, to present and collaborate seamlessly.

What is a Wireless Conference System?

A wireless conferencing system allows collaborators to connect to meeting room peripherals such as video screens, cameras, microphones and speakers, all without wires. Modena offers an unparalleled experience that redefines productive collaboration.

Modena Technology

Wireless connectivity is more than the convenience of not having cables

Harness the power of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) and use your own laptop, tablet or smartphone to create an efficient and productive work or learning space. Modena solutions enable contactless wireless connections and content sharing: the room screen becomes a wireless extension of the mobile devices attendees prefer to use. Modena Hub is the first wireless conferencing system that offers wireless interaction with the room's videoconferencing peripherals.

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