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AV Media Control

Easy-to-use interfaces to control technology in meeting and learning spaces

Discover the Biamp AV Control Systems that integrate perfectly with the rest of our solutions.

Biamp's Control range consists of Control Interfaces intuitive and easily decodable in keyboard and touch form.

These Biamp control systems are easily configured with Biamp's "Biamp Control" software.drag'n'drop" Biamp Project Designer. With these systems you get flexible solutions that can be modified and expanded according to your needs, investing only what you need at any given time.

Biamp control systems are able to create professional audio-visual installations, at a reasonable priceand that allow to reduce the delivery time of the project.

Easy to Use Interfaces

Easy to Configure

Prepared for the Future

Affordable Solutions

Touch Panels

The Apprimo touch panelsThe Apprimo touch panels, which offer greater flexibility in room control and almost unlimited options in user interface design, facilitate the configuration, operation and management of audiovisual equipment in complex spaces. With touch panels in a variety of sizes, the Apprimo line allows for the customization needed to achieve truly optimized room environments.

Control Pads

The Impera control panels are easy to use, install, configure and integrate into new and existing AV installations. They can be quickly configured and customized with the Project Designer softwareOur control panels provide audiovisual control suitable for presentation spaces, learning environments and conference rooms. Our control panels provide audiovisual control suitable for presentation spaces, learning environments and conference rooms.

Touch Panel Controllers

The Impera controllers offer intuitive touch control for the user's Apprimo touch panels. Enable fully customizable user interfaces through the Project Designer software to provide users with clear and reliable starting points for presentations, lessons and so on.

Control Panels

The Apprimo control panels combine an integrated controller with a touch panel, allowing users to customize a solution that perfectly fits the customer's requirements. Fully configurable with the Project Designer softwareThe control panel interface includes several customizable themes and templates to choose from.

Examples of Use

Huddle Room

Meeting rooms are often associated with BYOD solutions, and our Devio platform is perfectly suited to this scenario. Users can benefit from a clear starting point for the meeting, such as the Impera Unifomto control source selection, volume control, and screen on/off.

See more examples in the control application design guide.

Middle Room

Our new generation of audio signal processors TesiraFORTÉ X is tailor-made for modern meeting rooms, reducing the amount of hardware and connections required to build the system. They can be easily paired and controlled via a control panel. Apprimo Touch 8i. The Touch 8i works with an integrated controller capable of controlling up to 20 IP-based devices, allowing you to customize a solution that perfectly fits your customer's requirements.

See more examples in the control application design guide.

Large Room

Large rooms usually involve a proportional increase in the complexity of the AV system. For example, a conference room may employ several video sources, such as document cameras, presenters' laptops, media players, etc. An easy-to-use control system powered by a Impera Tango is a necessity in the room so that instructors can maintain focus on the topic being taught or discussed.

See more examples in the control application design guide.


The control panel Impera Echo is an excellent choice for a primary and secondary education classroom. Its rugged construction provides the durability needed for such a tactile environment, while the eight mechanical buttons support display operations and source selection, as well as volume control for the teacher's microphone.

See more examples in the control application design guide.

Biamp Control product range


Touch panels provide an interactive control interface. Connected to a touch controller, they are the foundation of the AV system. Available in different sizes.


Keypads with built-in controllers for easy AV setup. Can be installed in cable trunking systems or directly on the wall. Available with 4 or 8 buttons.

Project Designer

Free software that can be used by AV integrators and technicians to build complete AV control solutions without programming skills.

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