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Modular system of junction boxes that are easy to install and adapt to the design and aesthetics of any room.

Many options available thanks to its great modularity.

The modular system of the Panconnect junction boxes allows each customer to choose between a wide range of components everything you need.

These interconnection boxes save time and work technicians thanks to their easy installation. They also meet the demands of end users with their modern design and simple operation.

The high quality is assured thanks to its European production.

Meeting Rooms



Retail & Hospitality

Preconfigured Junction Boxes

Designed to fit the needs of each client.

Wireless charging, USB and integrated power outlet, Panconnect preconfigured cases provide you with AV connections and allow you to charge electronic devices almost anywhere: Offices, hotel rooms, restaurants or your favorite cafe. With exquisite design, high quality materials and various colors available, there is a model for every need.

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Available in various colors and made with FENIX nanomaterial for greater durability.

To charge your phone and other devices, the panel is equipped with USB ports, which can also be used for video streaming, built-in power socket and Qi charging point.

Elegant Design

Small size, available in various colors and made of FENIX nanomaterial for greater durability.


Port Variety

Plug in the required country standard, USB ports and Qi charging point: the most essential connectivity for your needs.

Wireless Charging

Mobile phones are now equipped with a wireless charging option: simply place the mobile phone on the Qi point and charge it.

Different finishes

Material quality and durability is our priority. The three-layer lacquered stainless steel and FENIX nanomaterial will stand up to even the toughest treatment.

Modular Boxes

Create your perfect configuration with complete freedom.

Panconnect patch panels are modular, discreet, durable and manufactured from the highest quality materials to suit the busy office environment. With many years of experience and continuous product development, Panconnect is able to meet most of today's connectivity requirements, whether it be functionality, configuration, design or ease of installation.

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Customize your junction box according to your needs.

You can choose from chassis size and finish, AV connections, power and ports such as LAN, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, VGA+Audio... and cables of all kinds.


Choose your Chassis

Available in two sizes (accommodating 4/6 slots), each of which is available in standard and "+" versions (20 mm deeper and intended for integration of signal components and control systems).

Choose your Power Module

The power supply module consists of sockets and optional USBs and is available as a 2 or 4-slot version.

Choose your Connection Modules

With up to four slots for 45 mm connection modules, you can choose from a wide range of AV/IT connectors available in various combinations.


Retractable or Removable Cables

The retractable cable system comes with up to 4 individual retractable cables in 2 cable lengths (120 or 150 cm). Can include VGA, HDMI, audio, USB and LAN output.

Panconnect Product Ranges

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