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Retail & Hospitality

We offer a complete range of audiovisual equipment to improve and expand sales in shops of any size, spaces of catering and hotels. The influence of the audio and video in the hospitality industry and the sale retailer is crucial. The acoustic and visual ambience can have a decisive influence on many aspects, from the promotion of articles, the rotation of the tables to the expense of the users, so it is important to take these factors into account when determining monitors, displays touchscreen and touchscreen sound installed.

Bars & Restaurants

Shops and Malls


Leisure Centres

Bars & Restaurants

Highest quality audio accompanied by the brightest displays

We help the restaurants, bars and cafes to get the superior sound they deserve. From fast food to fine dining, our products are designed to help you audio equipment, video y screens achieve a consistent and pleasing sound and image that reinforces brand identity and keeps customers coming back.

Venues need to play music that is in keeping with their overall aesthetic. Our extensive options of speakers ensure the right fit for every venue, whether it's low-profile designs that blend in perfectly for background music or high-powered, large-format versions designed for maximum volume playback.

Superior Audio Clarity

Efficient Installation

Complete Solution

Economical Solution

Shops and Malls

Music and ads to enhance the shopping experience

The music can have a big effect on the final outcome of a project. shop. The Biamp speakers offer a superior music playback that reflects and reinforces brands, helping to create environments that meet the needs of homeowner and customer alike.

In order to be heard in the wide spaces of the department stores and supermarketsa powerful solution is required. The public address and voice communication system is specially designed to cut through the noise, delivering announcements and alerts with unprecedented clarity.

Profitable Solution

Versatile Installation

Easy to Use

Complete Solution


A sound that enhances ambience and comfort

With several floors, dozens of rooms and large common areas, the hotels require versatile audio solutions capable of satisfying many spaces and needs at the same time. The incomparable options of voice communication y speakers that Biamp offers allow background music to be enjoyed in specific areas of lounges, bars and restaurants. In addition, the solutions of sound masking help prevent noise from common areas and lobbies from filtering into guest rooms.

Audio Clarity

Connectivity Options

Simple Installation

Versatile Solution

Leisure Centres

Perfect audio and image in large venues, indoors or outdoors

Large venues that host thousands of spectators require sound that can overcome the roar of the crowd. We offer a powerful audio playback that never sacrifices clarity, ensuring that every seat is the best, in a concert hall or a stadium.

Clear audio that can be heard above the sounds of the rides, games and attendees thanks to a voice communication system to deliver announcements and alerts with unmatched clarity.


Crystal Clear Sound

Clear Public Address Announcements

Expandable As Needed

Complete Solution

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