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Professional solutions for audio and video capture for conferences and training with a complete range of products that stand out for their easy installation and integration.

Solutions for streaming, recording and automatic follow-up of the speaker.

AREC AV over IP products have earned a strong reputation for their innovation and reliable performancemaking multimedia applications more productive and intelligent.

Thanks to the concept of flexible design and to the available APIs, all the stations in the AV over IP AREC's software can access many functions seamlessly for integration with third parties.

Meeting Rooms

Distance Learning

Event Streaming


Media Stations: Simultaneous Recording and Streaming

Stand-alone live streaming and recording systems that allow the capture, mixing, switching, playout and recording of multiple channels simultaneously.

Video on Demand

With AREC's excellent Streaming technology, the Video-On-Demand System allows end users to access and obtain video on demand quickly and seamlessly.

Live Webcast

Through the AREC Live Web Broadcasting System, administrators can broadcast all activities live from their own website.

Media Management Platform

Media Station Management Platform manages all Media Stations in the organization, providing streaming, event capture and video-on-demand service.

Automatic Tracking System

Thanks to AREC's Automatic Tracking System, when the speaker is identified by the system, the camera follows the speaker around the room without losing its frame.

Network Camera

With different depth of field and aperture lenses, AREC HD Network Cameras are the best capture equipment for any situation.


Self-Tracking System

The Auto-Tracking System automatically follows the speaker's movements around the room without any operator intervention.

Multiple Display Signals

AREC allows multiple signal sources to be displayed at the same time, such as from the camera and a presentation, for seamless broadcasting.

AREC Technological Solutions

Capture Stations

Integrated, standalone all-in-one devices that support multiple Full HD video and audio sources for capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming. AREC Media Station enables users to produce creative video easily and efficiently.

Automatic Tracking

Auto-tracking PTZ cameras use AREC's smooth, motion-sensitive tracking technology, ensuring that the presenter is always in the foreground, even if that person turns toward the audience or backs away.

Video on Demand

Video on demand has become a useful and effective learning tool in today's education and corporate training. It allows people to watch video at a time and place that is convenient for them.


Speaker Tracking

The AREC speaker tracking system allows all attendees at an event to clearly see a close-up of the speaker, along with a custom graphic, on the local screen.

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