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Professional Speakers

Biamp has a complete offer of speakers and professional audio equipment that offer the best quality in the market with an adjusted price and with several lines oriented to different room sizes and uses. From conference rooms to stadiums, Biamp offers professional audio and loudspeaker solutions for every space.

Shows and Stadiums

Commercial Audio

Rooms, Retail and Hospitality

Offices & Privacy


Speakers that deliver powerful audio for immersive experiences

Community loudspeakers are designed to offer excellent acoustic performance, flexibility and elegant aesthetics for a wide range of applications. World-leading loudspeaker solutions for indoor and outdoor sound reinforcement. Community loudspeakers deliver long-term performance and high-quality sound in venues around the world.

Superior Audio Clarity

Efficient Installation

Complete Solution

Global Assistance

Commercial Speakers

Easy-to-install loudspeakers, designed for large-scale distributed installations

Commercial speakers enable powerful audio for immersive experiences. Our commercial speakers are designed for easy installation in a variety of establishments, including retail, restaurants, bars and clubs, and hospitality venues.

Profitable Solution

Versatile Installation

Easy to Use

Complete Solution


Elegant speakers designed for high speech intelligibility and full music reproduction

Desono speakers are well suited for background music, foreground music and PA applications. Whether you need background music, foreground music, public address or a combination of both, Desono speakers will exceed your expectations. Our in-ceiling speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, while the elegant designs of our surface, pendant and column speakers suit a variety of architectural styles.

Audio Clarity

Connectivity Options

Simple Installation

Versatile Solution


The right soundproofing solution for every type of office

By adding unobtrusive sound specifically designed for a space, Cambridge acoustic masking solutions help solve the problems of speech privacy, sound distractions and acoustic comfort in virtually any interior environment, regardless of ceiling type.

Reduce Noise Distractions

Protects Speech Privacy

Increases Productivity

Improve Office Comfort

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