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Leader of wireless microphone systems and mobile sound reinforcement systems. It offers a wide range of solutions, from simple wireless microphone systemsfrom small and large battery-powered sound systems, through to complex multichannel wireless sound systems.

Practical and functional systems for microphones that offer the user optimal and cost-effective solutions for all requirements in various applications.

MIPRO Electronics develops and manufactures professional audio and video for the international market. It focuses on practical and functional systems that offer the user optimal and cost-effective solutions for any requirements in all types of applications.

MIPRO has made a name for itself in Europe, especially with its ACT series, as wireless microphones with excellent radio stability.

It offers a sophisticated range of products, ranging from the ACT-300 series, such as basic system for small installationsor theatrical productions; through the ACT-700 series for larger installations (with up to 48 parallel radio channels), to the professional digital radio system ACT-800.

As an authorized member of Dante™, MIPRO offers radio systems suitable for Dante™. The new system is ideally positioned to meet the requirements of the installation and staging industry.

Presentations and Meetings

Education and Conferences

Shows and Concerts

Tourism and Culture

MIPRO products are characterized by their high quality and its optimal ratio value for money.

MIPRO is the inventor of ACT technology and is Taiwan's largest Taiwanese manufacturer of professional wireless systems.

Its team of R&D engineers are specialized and experienced in the design, manufacture and sale of professional wireless audio products based on the motto "The best of the best".innovation, quality and satisfied users"that guides the brand.

MIPRO mass-produces all of its products in compliance with the following standards ISO-9001 and ISO-14001with an efficient production management system.


Above-average RF performance and a high level of reliability.


After 25 years of steady growth, MIPRO is the largest manufacturer of wireless audio products in Taiwan.


With their innovative design and excellent quality, MIPRO products have been continuously nominated for the ".TEC AWARD"and have repeatedly won the Taiwan Excellence Awardthe Red Dot Design Award and on iF Design Award.


With distribution in more than 80 countries, MIPRO is one of the world's best-known wireless microphone brands.

MIPRO Product Ranges

Wireless Microphone Systems

Digital and analog wireless microphone systems with various receivers, transmitters and microphones. In addition to the appropriate antenna technology for each system, small and large.

Mobile Sound Systems

Battery powered mobile loudspeakers and sound reinforcement solutions of various sizes with wireless microphones, multimedia players and Bluetooth for indoor and outdoor events.

Intra-atrial Guidance & Monitoring Systems

Small digital receivers, with crystal-clear reproduction, for speech applications, as a guidance system, or for the hearing impaired. And for music applications, as an in-ear monitor system.

Professional Microphones

Professional microphones for multiple applications, in a wide range of designs. From classic handheld microphones to practical headphones and measurement or instrument microphones.

Antenna Technology

Various antennas and professional antenna technology, such as antenna splitters, amplifiers or combiners, to reach longer distances, or to create extensive wireless microphone systems.

Digital Conference Systems

Digital, wired and wireless conference systems and digital audio matrices, in various designs, with integrated control for PTZ cameras.

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