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Room Booking

From standalone plug&play panels to sophisticated customised systems, we have the perfect solution for any meeting room and space booking need. Go beyond the usual Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar integration. Incorporate options such as automatic room status update, user authentication, or any specific need you can imagine.

All-in-One Booking Systems

Solutions that are simple and quick to implement but allow advanced customization to suit your needs.

Software Solutions

Software that combines digital signage with room booking, complemented by our touchscreen offering

reservation of workspaces and resources

Hot Desking solution for booking desks in offices, tables in schools, lockers, garages, or any type of space/resource.

All In One Booking System

Evoko has comprehensive workplace management tools for all your room booking needs.


  • As the Smooth Room Manager which, placed outside any meeting room, clearly shows who has reserved the room and for how long.
  • Or as the device of RKleeo Desk Stocksa workspace reservation device that indicates which space is available, registered or waiting for the occupant who reserved it.

Signage and booking of meeting rooms, classrooms and plug&play spaces


  • Stand-alone "install & go" panel
  • Integrates with Exchange, Office365 and G Suite
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Room status indicator lights green/red
  • Incorporates light and proximity sensors
  • Wall/glass or recessed versions

Standalone 7″ and 10" touch panel that includes everything you need to locate and book rooms in a simple and easy way.


  • Easy to install stand-alone stock panel
  • Integrates with Exchange, Office365 and G Suite
  • Availability indicator lights
  • Suggest other available rooms
  • Room reservation from the touch panel
  • Various Mounting Options

Software Solutions

Software solution for signage and booking of rooms and spaces

  • Complete software solution
  • Integrates with Exchange, Office365 and G Suite
  • Book directly from the entrance to the hall
  • See the state of the rooms in Digital Signage
  • Customizable room and meeting data
  • Complemented by ProDVX Tablets

Complete your system with PRODVX Touchscreen Displays

Tablet type touch screens. Design with complete freedom your perfect Room Reservation system.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Meeting4Display
  • Complete range of different sizes
  • To place on glass, wall or brackets
  • Industrial quality to withstand heavy use
  • Very competitive price
  • With preinstalled Android O.S.

Workspaces and Resources

System for the reservation of posts and resources


  • Simple interface that indicates the status of the resource
  • Resource identification by name and QR code
  • Two buttons: Reserve and Release 
  • Green/Red Status Indicator Lights
  • Compatible with Office 365 and Exchange
  • Book from any device
  • Each workspace has its own calendar

Kleeo Desk Manager

The perfect desktop backup device for any office using flexible workstations.

  • Find a free seatBright colors help you to find a free desktop
  • Automatic Registration: Experience automatic identification when sitting at the reserved desk.
  • Trouble-free identificationKleeo supports RFID cards or tags for effortless user authentication.
  • Avoid InterruptionsActivates the concentration mode to discourage interruptions and increase productivity.

The solution touchONE Assist allows the reservation of workspaces and resources from your mobile

touchONE Assist is a software that is part of the whole ecosystem touchONE. It is a platform that helps in an easy and friendly way to book any type of resource that we have in the office as a boardroom, work station, parking, lockers, table in the dining room, etc..

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