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Event & Training Technology

Distance learning, like online events, is now an inescapable part of today's reality. But only with technology designed to make the work of communicators and trainers easier, and a more immersive participatory experience, can quality training be achieved. At AVIT we know that what you need are flexible and easy-to-use solutions, whether for events and virtual, face-to-face or hybrid training.

Easily Record and Broadcast classes and lectures

When remote and face-to-face audiences are desired, education and event venues need a solution that is truly easy to use, flexible and capable of recording and streaming events so they can be viewed from anywhere.

Share what you do without complications

The fact that the speaker or teacher can do something on the table or the digital whiteboard, and that those in the room and the remote audience can see it without any problems, improves the training experience, both for the communicator and for the attendees.

Get everyone involved, whether they are in the room or not.

Having a collaboration system that allows attendees from home to hear clearly, without echoes or distant voices, their colleagues in the room, and of course the speaker, is the basis for improving the involvement in the talk.

Record and Stream

With the Media Station of AREC you can record, transmit to different platforms and catalog the classes being taught in a professional manner, which means that the broadcast not only includes the face of the speaker, but also what they are showing, whether it's the screen, a presentation or a live demonstration.

The camera follows you when you move

In order for the speaker to be able to focus on the technology and give the talk, the cameras with automatic tracking of AREC gives the rapporteur the freedom to can move freely around the room while the camera follows even if your back is turned, and will automatically zoom in and out when necessary.

Share what you do with your audience

With the StarBoard Interactive Displays and the HoverCam document camerasThe speakers, a complete set of equipment that combines in a small and portable size, a high resolution video camera, camera, microscope and microphone with noise reduction, the speakers can show books and documents to their audience making annotations on screen, explaining diagrams, performing demonstrations... and stream it online.

Talk, listen and collaborate from home as if you were in the living room.

With the Biamp's Devio collaboration system attendees from home, with Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google MeetThey can hear clearly, without echoes or distant voices, their colleagues in the room, and of course the speaker. Not only that, they can interact with the rest of the audience, ask questions, talk and share their work with others. Devio incorporates a Beamtracking microphone that follows the voice of the person speaking even when moving around the room.

Make it effortless for attendees to share

Modena is a Powerful Wireless Collaboration System that allow computers and mobile devices to connect to peripherals in the room, including displays, speakers, microphones, and cameras without any physical connection. Once connected, users can display content, launch applications, and participate in video conferencing meetings. from your own device personal.

Encourages participation, wherever the attendees are.

Crowd Mics facilitates remote audience participation, eliminating the limitations of remote events in engaging the audience. audience participation. It helps events and presentations to be more effective and to make attendees feel fully involved, whether it be in the room itself or on the other side of the world. With Crowd Mics attendees use their mobile phone as a microphone to transmit your questions through the classroom audio system, send your questions to the messages text and participate in surveystests or votes.

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