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Thanks to the power distribution units and Gude's monitoring systems, audiovisual installations significantly improve their reliability while monitoring energy consumption.

Monitors power consumption and increases the reliability of critical applications.

The catalog of Gude stands out for its Power Distribution Systems (PDU)Remote Monitoring Systems, Radio Time Receivers as well as LAN Sensors (Expert Sensor Boxes).

Gude manufactures innovative ICT equipment for more than 30 yearsdeveloped and manufactured in Germany. Gude products are distinguished by their high level of quality and optimum price-performance ratio.

Its application scenarios range from corporate networks and multimedia technologies to the data centers and the industrial environments.

To feed, measure and control consumption in an intelligent way.

Remotely reboot PCs, servers, routers and switchers

Reduces power consumption of standby devices

Monitor your network with powerful monitoring software

The products Gude are distinguished by their high level of quality and optimum price-performance ratio.

GUDE's IP sockets and monitoring solutions provide the right answers to common industry needs: Remote control of technological means, monitor energy consumption or increase the reliability of critical applications:

GUDE has earned an excellent reputation, especially in the media technology and audiovisual integrator sector. Its high quality and flexible products provide reliable solutions to the needs of the professional users more demanding.


With Gude you can reboot PCs, servers, routers and switchers remotely, saving you unnecessary trips to the facilities.


You can keep an eye on your network using Gude's powerful monitoring software, which increases the reliability of your installations.


Power, measure and control energy consumption in a smart way, from anywhere.


Gude PDUs help you save on your electricity bill and reduce your company's CO2 emissions.

Gude Products

Reduces electricity costs

Discover how smart power distribution solutions help you save on your electricity bill and reduce CO2 emissions in your company.

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