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We make available to the educational centres all the communication tools required by the current learning environment. The e-learning is already an inescapable part of today's education. And only the technology designed to do the work of the teachers and the formative experience of the students. students more immersive, is the right path to quality education. At AVIT we know that what you need are flexible and easy-to-use solutions. And that's what we offer you.

Classroom Technology

Online Training

Paging & Voice Communications

Auditoriums and Halls


Technology to improve education

Designed to foster an interactive, learner-centered learning experience, the active learning classrooms promote and encourage meaningful interactions between teachers and students through a design of flexible classroom. With solutions that encourage participation such as interactive whiteboardsdocument cameras or on Biamp's Devio collaboration systemOur products create collaborative environmentsThe program provides support and enrichment that promote effective learning.

But in a classroom, the technology must be easy to use, so there must be a control system that simplifies its useThe software allows all elements of the classroom to be adjusted with a single touch, whether preparing for a lecture, an online class or a face-to-face lesson.

Superior Audio Clarity

Efficient Installation

Complete Solution

Energy Saving

Distance Learning

Solutions for online training that is identical to face-to-face training

When students are unable to attend classes, schools need a solution that is truly effective. easy to use, flexible and capable of recording and transmitting lectures. Our solution for capture and streaming is in charge of recording, transmitting to different platforms and cataloguing the classes taught in a simple and professional way. And our cameras with automatic tracking allow the teacher to move freely around the classroom while the camera follows him/her.

Profitable Solution

Versatile Installation

Easy to Use

Complete Solution

Paging & Voice Communications

Systems designed for high speech intelligibility and full music reproduction

Our public address solutions are very suitable for background music, foreground music and announcement applications. Our ceiling speakers are designed to blend in perfectly with their surroundings, while the elegant designs of our surface speakers, pendants y spinal column adapt to a wide variety of architectural styles.

Audio Clarity

Connectivity Options

Simple Installation

Versatile Solution

Auditoriums and Halls

High-fidelity audio, unparalleled musicality and superior voice projection

The audio quality should not be compromised in the lecture halls, auditoriums or other large educational spaces. Our solutions They meet acoustic challenges with ease and can be expanded cost-effectively. In addition, the conference capture systemsoffer institutions the possibility of record the lessons for your review, provide content for the development of online courses and build an archive of educational materials.

High Fidelity Audio

Conference Recording and Streaming

Scalable Solutions

Easy to Use

Let's work together

If you have any doubt or need, whether you are an audiovisual integrator or an end customer, talk to us and we will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. Without any commitment.

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