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Biamp Parlé

Powerful all-in-one conference bars featuring a 27-microphone array, wide-angle 4K camera, Beamtracking technology to track conversations across the room and an amazing noise reduction system

Enjoy conferences like never before. You will be seen. You will be heard.

The Parlé conference bars bring extraordinary audiovisual experiences to life in small and medium-sized conference rooms via professional microphones and speakerstogether with a 4K camera in a convenient all-in-one design optimized for conferencing.

Two models are available, the Parlé ABC 2500 with a 27-microphone array, technology Beamtracking to follow the conversations of the entire room and Biamp Audio Intelligenceand the Parlé VBC 2500 with all of the above plus 4K camera. Also available versions of these models with dedicated output for assistive listening systems (ALS).

Voice tracking in the room

The conference bar divides the room into different zones, ensuring full coverage of the room at all times. This is especially beneficial when monitoring several people speaking simultaneously.

Voice tracking in elevation

The Parlé bars are unique in that they also record the user's vertical position in the room. In fact, they have a hybrid microphone array with 14 dedicated microphones to follow people's voices when they stand up or sit down. It also helps to compensate for the height of the conference bar.

Superior Audio Clarity

Voice Tracking

All in One

Simple Configuration

Parlé VBC 2500

All-in-one conference bar offering a first-class audiovisual experience in small to medium conference rooms

Wide-angle 4K camera that can transmit 1080p at 30fpsPan/Tilt/Zoom electric with 5x zoomBiamp technology Beamtrackingautomatic framing, Biamp Audio Intelligence y Biamp Video Intelligence

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Conference bar with 4K camera and 27 microphone array

The VBC 2500 uses automatic framing technology to identify meeting participants and adjust focus and zoom to keep participants in view.


Follow the conversation

Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations


Wide-angle 4K camera

Can transmit 1080p at 30fps. Electric Pan/Tilt/Zoom with 5x zoom. Automatic framing of participants.


Insulates you from noise

Deep learning noise reduction algorithm for clear voice reproduction

Intelligent speakers

LED indications for mute status and camera activity. With Biamp Launch for automatic configuration.

Make exceptional video calls

With Biamp Video Intelligence

Captures it all

4K conference camera provides superior image quality and follows participants around the room

Set of 27 Microphones

Biamp's unique Beamtracking microphones actively follow conversations in the room, even when participants are moving around
Acoustic echo cancellation
Deep learning noise reduction

4K Camera

  • Auto framing
  • Pan, zoom and electronic tilt
  • 120º viewing angle
  • Optics blocking for privacy


Smart dynamic speakers that bring the best sound from a small device
Passive radiators
Improved dynamic bass
Active distortion compensation
Fully sealed enclosures

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Advanced noise reduction

The conference bars are supplied with Biamp Audio Intelligence - AI for short - which is a deep machine learning algorithm. The algorithm is designed to identify human speech and discard all forms of unwanted sound, such as keyboard tapping, paper shuffling, HVAC, etc.

Conference camera

The Parlé VBC 2500 adds one camera ePTZ 4k wide angle with a 12MP sensor to capture every detail. With a wide 120° field of view, it captures everyone in the meeting, while premium optics prevent image distortion. An automated physical shutter covers the lens every time the camera is turned off to maintain your privacy.

Parlé ABC 2500

Conference Audio Bar with 27-microphone array, distortion compensation, Beamtracking technology and Biamp Audio Intelligence

With AEC, AGC and NRD integrated, the ABC 2500 uses a 27-element microphone array and Biamp technology Beamtracking to actively follow and intelligently mix conversations from around the room.

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Biamp Audio Intelligence enables first class AV experiences

Two intelligent speakers use distortion compensation and dynamic bass enhancement technology to create room-filling audio with superior voice reproduction.


Follow the voices

Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations


Reduces noise

Deep learning noise reduction algorithm for clear voice reproduction


Intelligent speakers

Intelligent low distortion speakers. LED indicators for squelch status

One-touch adjustments

With Biamp Launch for automatic configuration.

Automatic room configuration

Both conference bars are equipped with the innovative Biamp Launch. With Launch, room acoustic performance is analyzed and optimized at the touch of a button, making it easy to deliver outstanding experiences consistently across the organization.

Quick and easy installation

Although the Parlé's come with a table stand, additional options are available for wall mounting or attaching to the top or bottom of a display. A universal power supply is included with each conference bar and all that is needed to connect the bar to the room's UC system is a single USB-C cable (also included).

Optimized for BYOD and UC

The Parlé conference bars, such as the ABC 2500The new unified communications solutions are fully compatible with the most popular unified communications platforms and hardware.


Parlé SBC 2

Conference Speaker Bar with impressive sound quality

Get a sound of high fidelity in your small conference or meeting room. Thanks to its dtwo 4″ woofers and two 1″ tweetersthe SBC 2 provides you with an quality of impressive soundthat you don't expect.

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With a quality of impressive sound. Get ready to enjoy the best audio.

The Parlé SBC 2 is a hi-fi speaker bar for use with conference systems. Intended for meeting rooms or small conference rooms, the SBC 2 is equipped with two 4″ woofers and two 1″ tweeters.

It can be table or wall mounted. The SBC 2 supports various audio input options and can be integrated with a control system via an RS-232 port.

It has three equalization presets (Music, Video Conferencing, Presentation) switchable on the back of the speaker bar to provide clear and accurate audio in different application configurations.


Equipped with two 4″ woofers and two 1″ tweeters.


Four audio input options: HDMI ARC, USB, Euroblock and RCA


Can be integrated with a control system via RS-232

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