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Audiovisual Control & Integration

Integrated Control and Automation systems aim to make you and the people you work with more productive, more efficient and easier to perform at their best. And this is achieved by creating ways to manage and simplify the technology that is present in today's workspaces, training centres, leisure facilities and government buildings.

A standard in AV control

AMX simplifies technology so that anyone can control and automate their home or work environment. With a single touch, all the elements of the environment are adjustedWhether preparing a conference room for a presentation, or setting the mood for home entertainment.

Universal software control

Utelogy is a software platform for the control, monitoring, management, analysis and support of audiovisual devices in workspaces, educational centres and public facilities. Being independent of the installed hardwareallows you to grow by investing just what you need, when you need it.

Audio, Video and Control Solutions

Biamp Neets is a renowned family of device drivers, control interfaces and control software which is distinguished by its ease of use and elegant design. Biamp, a leader in professional audio systems for business, education and government facilities, offers a complete and unified AV solution.

AV Control and Automation on the same Network

I'm sure you're looking for ways to alleviate your company's technology problems. The good news is that the days of separate networks for communications, data, video and control are gone. Now it all goes under one centrally managed network. Today's technologies integrate well with each other and can be managed from one location, giving you the opportunity to analyze them all together or individually.

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