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Collaboration tool

Devio comes packed with conference technologydoing all the work so you don't have to. Its Beamtracking microphone, tabletop or ceiling-mounted, delivers a full 360º coverage of meeting space. With Devio, you can enter your collaborative space with your laptop, log in and start the meeting. at a moment's notice.

Devio is a collaboration tool that brings the Biamp experience to spaces of any size.

Devio groups all the years of experience in Biamp audiointo a simplified, automated and personalized experience. Responding to the need for conferencing solutions that can be deployed quickly with excellent quality, Devio eliminates programming and set-up time, without compromising audio quality.

Leveraging Biamp's unique technologies, Biamp's Parlé Beamtracking microphones intelligently track and combine conversations from across the room. This allows remote participants to follow the discussion as it unfolds, creating a natural audio experience and breaking down the barriers to truly collaborative meetings.


Audio and mute synchronization for UC systems

Single cable

Avoid excess wiring

Biamp Launch

Automatic device discovery and adjustment


Intelligently mixes and tracks voices in the room

Devio offers a powerful, hassle-free approach for meeting rooms of all sizes.

Devio SCR - Solutions for Small Rooms

  • Complete solutions for small and meeting rooms.
  • Works with computers running conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and many more.
  • Enables a single USB connection to a host computer for audio and video media using DisplayLink USB graphics technology.
  • Automatic setup validates device connections, adjusts room levels, and configures the speaker equalizer to optimize audio quality.
  • It can be monitored and managed remotely using the Biamp SageVue software and API, via SNMP, or with Devio SAU software.

Devio SCX - Solutions for Medium and Large Rooms

  • Flexible concentrators for meeting rooms.
  • Compatible with Biamp Tesira audio accessories.
  • Create a complete system with microphones, amplifiers and speakers.
  • Deploy without programming and with simplified commissioning.
  • Biamp Launch ensures automation while providing outstanding and consistent audio.
    Can be monitored and managed remotely using Biamp SageVue software and API.

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