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Voice Communications

For a property, having a solution that is highly reliable and that provides an excellent audio quality while handling all notifications from paging, background music and emergency communicationsis of vital importance today. But installations come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Biamp has different solutions, which offer different possibilities according to the specific needs of each client.

Simple paging system

Paging system with Sound Masking

Flexible Paging System

Distributed paging system

Biamp Commercial Audio

Multizone systems, simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Matrix systems and mixers for Biamp Commercial Audio stand out for their easy installation and configuration but able to provide maximum performance for any environment. With a distribution that goes from from 1 to 24 zones for voice alertsand a great versatility of sources, paging microphones and multi-channel amplification, Biamp's public address range makes it an extremely suitable choice for retail, supermarkets, small entertainment centers and offices.

Superior Audio Clarity

Efficient Installation

Complete Solution

Economical Solution

Biamp Cambridge

Public Address over twisted pair

The new platform Biamp QTX combines the functions of sound masking in workspaces for ensure privacy and concentration with the ability to high quality audio distribution over twisted pair to cover everything from basic zones to large areas. The zone management units are networked to form a single network. distributed public address system any dimension and with audio routing capabilities through AVB or Dante. The sound emitters are distributed in twisted pair lines for easy installation and connectivity, and offer an excellent quality for reproduction of voice messages from the warning stations and background music. All of this is programmed and managed by visual software served over the Web by any of the controllers integrated in the system. With administration functions for settings and to perform time schedules.

Profitable Solution

Versatile Installation

Easy to Use

Complete Solution

Biamp Tesira

Flexible digital audio

TesiraFORTÉ y Tesira Server are flexible audio systems belonging to the platform Biamp Tesira for audio and video processing and distribution integration. Tesira is a solution for versatile and customizable public address system that allows you to add modules and functionality with great ease and power. Thanks to the distribution of AVB networked digital audio the distribution of sources and destinations can be customized with high quality and precision of each of the managed signals. It has a open functionality that allows it to adapt to every type of space, both in distribution and dimension. It offers maximum audio quality by means of DSP processing and with enormous flexibility for routing and combining spaces.

Audio Clarity

Connectivity Options

Simple Installation

Versatile Solution

Biamp Vocia

Perfect audio, understandable, by zones and in any place.

The solution Vocia de Biamp stands out for its distributed and decentralized architectureThis allows you to have fail-safe reliability and a personalized communications by zones. Vocia's clarity and intelligibility are just some of the features that make this platform so special. Vocia not only gets messages where they need to go, but also ensures that everyone can hear and understand those messages. It is compliant with EN-54-16 required for integration with fire and evacuation systems.

Vocia solutions are perfect in corporate officesairports and train stations, educational campusesmuseumsgovernment facilities, clinics and hospitals and in general in any type of installation where it is essential to be able to offer a unmatched speech intelligibilityevent scheduling, public address capabilities by zones and system security.

Crystal Clear Sound

Clear Public Address Announcements

Expandable As Needed

Complete Solution

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