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Sports, culture and leisure

At AVIT you will find the best audiovisual solutions for leisure and entertainment spacesof any size, that enhance the customer experience and deliver results unmatched in the industry.

Stadiums and Pavilions

Concerts and shows

Museums and exhibitions

Amusement parks


Highest quality audio for the most demanding spaces

Large venues that host thousands of spectators require sound that can overcome the roar of the crowd.

The Biamp's family of large format loudspeakers provides powerful audio reproduction that never sacrifices clarity, ensuring that every seat is the best.

Superior Audio Clarity

Efficient Installation

Complete Solution

Expandable as required


Music and crystal-clear voice to captivate the viewer

Live events such as musical performances, plays and speeches require optimized audio for optimal sound reproduction.

The speaker families are designed for all types of live performances, ensuring that both performers and audiences experience events as intended.

Profitable Solution

Versatile Installation

Easy to Use

Complete Solution


A sound that helps to discover and experience

With high ceilings, large rooms and building materials that dampen or distort sound, museums are often difficult acoustic environments.

Our voice communication system and the options of speakers optimized audio can provide crystal-clear audio that overcomes these obstacles, allowing announcements and alerts to be heard by museum patrons throughout the institution.

Audio Clarity

Connectivity Options

Simple Installation

Versatile Solution

Theme Parks

Perfect audio in large venues, indoors or outdoors

Getting clear audio inside amusement park areas can be a frustrating process, as any solution must be heard above the sounds of rides, attractions and attendees.

Fortunately, Biamp offers powerful speakers for all the areas of the amusement park, as well as a voice communication system to deliver announcements and alerts with unmatched clarity.

Crystal Clear Sound

Clear Public Address Announcements

Expandable As Needed

Complete Solution

Let's work together

If you have any doubt or need, whether you are an audiovisual integrator or an end customer, talk to us and we will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. Without any commitment.

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