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AV Media Control 

Solutions for the control and management of audiovisual equipment in all types of spaces.

Optimized room control for complex spaces.

By offering greater flexibility in the room control and almost limitless options in the design of the user interfaceApprimo's line of touch interfaces facilitates the configuration, operation and management of audiovisual equipment in complex spaces.

With touch panels of different sizesthe Apprimo line allows the personalization necessary to achieve truly optimized room environments.


Design your room solution your way


Changes as room technology is upgraded


With highly responsive touchscreen and full-colour display


Highly intuitive design for a stress-free experience

Apprimo touch panels offer elegant interfaces that adapt to any type of interior design.

Apprimo Touch Panels

Various templates and design themes for the user interface are available through the Project Designer software.

Customizable user interface to suit customers' control requirements and corporate identity.

The screen turns on automatically when someone approaches.

The brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted to the ambient light level.

PoE power supply.

Apprimo's user interfaces are designed and configured through our software. Project Designer.

Apprimo Products

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