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Modula CatPro

The Modula CatPro Series was designed to receive, route, and transmit uncompressed RGBHV + stereo over twisted pair cable without worrying about exact cable measurements or readjusting gain, peak, and skew when routing signal paths of various lengths. Once your system is set up, there is no need to readjust when switching between sources and devices that have different distance runs. Our intuitive CatPro Software Wizard allows for simple adjustment of gain, peak and skew on every Cat5 input received. This brings all signals back to a distance of zero — ready to be sent to any destination device without the hassle of readjustment. Pair the Modula CatPro with the AutoPatch CatPro Transmitter/Receiver boxes for the ultimate flexibility when combining local and/ or long distance source devices with local and/or long distance destination devices.

Data sheet de Modula CatPro
Data sheet de Modula CatPro
Version: 1.0
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