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Show the status of your meeting rooms, book them directly and inform your employees and visitors of their availability, thanks to the software. Meeting4Display. Display your room stats on your digital signage devices with Media4Display.

Book a room directly from the touch screens at the entrance of the rooms.

With Meeting4Display you can book a room directly from the touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or via your company's communication system. The software can be synchronized with your Exchange mailbox, Office 365 or Google Calendar (G Suite).

Whether it's just a few rooms or hundreds of rooms, equipping them is possible thanks to the lightweight and scalable infrastructure from Meeting4Display.

In combination with digital signage software Media4Displayyou can display in real time the current state of your rooms, a list of the upcoming meetings planned, as well as a plan showing the location of the rooms in the building and the condition of their current availability.

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Show the status of your Meeting Rooms, book them directly and inform your employees and visitors of their availability, thanks to Meeting4Display software.

Meeting4Display is the Intelligent Room Reservation Software from Telelogos, a European software developer, leader in solutions dedicated to mobility, digital signage and POS networks.

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An efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution

View room status, calendar and make a reservation from the same touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or from your Exchange or Office 365 messaging system.

Displays that Show What You Want Them to Show

Displays show the name of the room, the subject of the current and future meeting, as well as the identity of its organizers. It is also possible to indicate that a meeting is private, in which case Meeting4Display hides the details.

Find out what the Current Meeting is all about, and the Next Ones

From the screen interface, you can view current and upcoming meetings.

Direct Booking on the Touch Screen of the Room

A daily timeline is displayed at the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to quickly and easily see the status of the room and to be able to book directly by clicking on one of the free time slots.

Availability Indicator Light

On compatible devices, it is possible to have an LED light on the panel to indicate the status of the room (green: free / red: reserved).


Display your room statistics on your digital signage devices with Media4Display.

In combination with Media4Display digital signage software, Meeting4Display can display in real time the current status of your rooms, a list of upcoming planned meetings, as well as a floor plan showing the location of each room in the building and its current availability status.

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Intelligent Digital Signage with access control.

The solution allows the comprehensive management and monitoring of screens, readers, tablets, terminals and other similar equipment. Media4Display is available as a license (On premise) or in the Cloud (SaaS).


Digital Signage connected to Room Reservation System

When the room reservation panels, located at the entrance to the room, are not in use, their displays can show corporate information if a digital signage loop has been configured for standby mode.


Intelligent Information Flow

When interacting with the room touch panel, the corporate information loop is automatically interrupted and the Meeting4Display application is displayed.

Digital Signage in Intelligent Buildings

Thanks to Meeting4Display and Media4Display, you can now manage your screens whether they are located at the entrance of meeting rooms, in reception and waiting areas, shared workspaces, common work areas...

A Digital Signage Software Solution

The complete and professional Media4Display digital signage software allows you, through a web browser, to create, manage and display your digital content on a network of screens.

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