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Interactive whiteboards and displays for any collaborative environment, classrooms and conference rooms.

Inspires. Teaches. Motivate
Interactive Displays and Whiteboards equipped with the most powerful software in the industry.


StarBoard is a leading manufacturer of interactive technology solutions for more than two decadeswith distribution in more than 70 countries around the world.

From interactive whiteboards to interactive touch screensits innovative products are the perfect solution for any production environment. collaboration. Whether in a aula or in a conference roomIts technology solutions are designed to improve engagement, performance and learning experiences.

With StarBoardThere is no limit to what teams can achieve. The brand's mission is to bring quality, value and innovation to its users by creating unprecedented collaborative experiences.

Meeting Rooms



Retail & Hospitality

Interactive Touch Displays

Designed to facilitate knowledge sharing in business and educational environments.

StarBoard's large format interactive displays are ideal for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. Thanks to their enhanced connectivity and integrated software solutions, they are also ideal for training.

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Interactive Touch Displays of 65″, 75″ and 86″.

StarBoard software has been the benchmark for interactive tools for 20 years. It transforms lessons and meetings into creative opportunities. It inspires, teaches and motivates.


Easier videoconferencing

Models equipped with camera, speakers and microphones so you don't have to configure or connect anything.

Gesture recognition

StarBoard interactive displays come with patented multi-touch gesture recognition technology.

Standard, with Android

Android is installed as standard on all our screens, but it is also compatible with Windows, Mac Os and Linux.

Outstanding image quality

The large 4K display offers a viewing experience that allows participants to enjoy perfect images, regardless of where they are sitting.

Interactive Whiteboards

Affordable interactive technology for the educational environment.

StarBoard interactive whiteboards bring interactivity to the classroom. They combine minimalist design with the latest interactive touch technology based on IR sensors. Their fingertip capability and multi-touch gestures make them intuitive for anyone to use.

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Interactive whiteboards to enhance training and participation in the classroom

Control the whiteboard naturally with multi-touch gestures: use your finger to annotate, your fist to scroll and two fingers to erase or zoom in and out.

Quick access to tools

Function buttons located on each side of the board allow quick access to the most frequently used tools.

10-Touch" function

Thanks to the "10-Touch" function, up to ten users can write and work simultaneously on the entire whiteboard surface.

Slim design

Light weight with steel surface. Improved bracket design makes it easier to mount the slate. Improved slate surface.


Technology that is easy to handle

Use your finger, stylus or any object to easily navigate through activities, websites and multimedia content.

Let's work together

If you have any doubt or need, whether you are an audiovisual integrator or an end customer, talk to us and we will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. Without any commitment.

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