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Cleerline SSF

Cleerline enhances fiber optic technology, from the glass itself to the tools and accessories used in the termination process.

Fiber Optic Cable Redefined. Stronger, Safer, Faster.

Cleerline SSF was created to offer a solution to the fact that copper cables have reached the limit of their capacity to carry the bandwidth required for today's video signals. 4K60 4:4:4:4 HDR.

The Optical Fiber Cleerline SSF has been developed with the purpose that it can be used for the installed, operated and finished the same as easy, if not easier, than a twisted pair cable CAT.

Thanks to its proprietary patented technology it has achieved eliminate the traditional drawbacks of conventional fiber optics such as, tensile strength, limited bending angle, difficulty of field termination, need for specialized personnel and special tooling, etc.


With a 10 times higher tensile strength than copper wire, 10,000 times more resistant to bending and up to 200 times more durabilityWith Cleerline SSF, technicians can treat Cleerline SSF fiber as a standard Category cable without fear of failure.


More Secure

The fiber, thanks to its smaller glass cladding layer, is more flexible and forgiving allowing for up to a bending angle of 2.2mm.


A Cleerline SSF™ cable is very simple to terminate because it does not require out-of-the-ordinary treatment. No specific training or special tools are required.

Cleerline SSF Product Ranges

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