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AV Media Control

Easy-to-use interfaces to control technology in meeting and learning spaces

Discover the Biamp AV Control Systems that integrate perfectly with the rest of our solutions.

The Biamp Neets range is made up of Control Interfaces intuitive and easily decodable in keyboard and touch form.

These Biamp control systems are easily configured with Biamp's "Biamp Control" software.drag'n'drop" Neets Project Designer. With Neets you get flexible solutions that can be modified and expanded according to your needs, investing only what you need at any given time.

The Biamp Neets control systems are able to create professional audio-visual installations, at a reasonable priceand that allow to reduce the delivery time of the project.

Easy to Use Interfaces

Easy to Configure

Prepared for the Future

Affordable Solutions

Biamp Neets product range


Here you can explore our wide range of audio devices, such as soundbars and amplifiers, video conferencing packs and much more.


Touch panels provide an interactive control interface. Connected to a touch controller, they are the foundation of the AV system. Available in different sizes.


Keypads with built-in controllers for easy AV setup. Can be installed in cable trunking systems or directly on the wall. Available with 4 or 8 buttons.


Vidi video conferencing cameras enable extraordinary video meetings in small to medium sized meeting spaces and conference rooms. 

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