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Solutions for the room bookingtechnology for meeting and conference spaces and a wide range of equipment for the management of AV signals and the control.

AMX has a wide range of solutions for AV Control, Meeting and Conference Rooms, Room Reservation and Signal Management.

Companies are leveraging technology to employees achieve their goals productively and efficiently.

AMX helps its customers harness the power of various disparate technologies by ensuring that to function reliably and reliably and cohesive, while allowing users to focus on the communication and not on the technological tool they are using.

Typical AMX applications include: automation of meeting rooms, reservation of spaces, distributed/networked AV, audio processing and distribution, and asset management.

Corporate Spaces

Education Solutions

Public Infrastructure

Secure AV Systems

AMX products compatible with DANTE

Enova DVX

These Enova DVX from AMX are solutions All In One that have DANTE ports (primary and secondary)

  • AV Matrix
  • 4K60 4:4:4:4 upscaler
  • Mix and DSP Audio
  • Advanced Feedback Suppression
  • Audio Amplifier at 8ohm and 70/100V
  • HDMI and HDBT inputs
  • HDMI and HDBT outputs
  • DANTE interface (AES67 compatible)
  • Integrated Controller
  • HTML5 Web Interface
  • 2 UK

Networked AV

The AMX SVSi with AES67 are DANTE compatible (no Audinate electronics required). All encoder y decoder of SVSi whose part number ends in A is AES67. The interface used is via LAN.

  • AV IP Matrix
  • From FullHD up to 4K/60 resolution (depending on the series)
  • 100% based on network standard (IP)
  • 1Gb network
  • Any source to any destination at any time
  • Scalable, easy to expand from 1 to 1
  • Compatible with all control systems and easy to integrate
  • Integrated VideoWall functionality
  • Traditional and PoE power supply
  • Connection via copper and F.O.
  • AES67 (DANTE compatible)

AMX Technology Solutions

Meeting Spaces 

From intuitive user interfaces to sophisticated room control and audiovisual distribution, AMX has solutions to fit any space, from the smallest to the most complex corporate boardroom.

Activity Based Work

With a focus on casual, impromptu meetings and instant collaboration, activity-based working encourages employees to work together and choose the right space for each task. AMX has solutions that enable employees to find meeting spaces quickly and easily.

AV Distribution on Campus

From the moment employees arrive in the lobby, share content from the boardroom to the lunchroom, or from the boardroom to every room. It's all possible. Our signal distribution solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry. We are leaders in Networked AV, which allows content to be transmitted over an existing network.

Networked AV

HARMAN's Networked AV solutions allow you to place audio and video signals directly into an existing network and transmit them anywhere in the world. Want to send the CEO's meeting to boardrooms in multiple cities? No problem. AMX has you covered.

Let's work together

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